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Fern's Frogs

Poison Dart Frog Breeding 


-By Choice , Fern's Frogs does not ship offspring. 
-All dart frogs sales are made face-to-face to enable a customer to make their own choice from expertly cared for captive bred offspring inventory.
-All customers assume the responsibility of knowing how to care for poison dart frogs. 
-Fern's Frogs has the right to refuse a sale.
-Advance payments and / or deposits are NEVER required to 'hold' a dart frog.

-Fern's Frogs assumes no responsibility for any adverse outcomes resulting from air transportation of newly acquired dart frogs. 
-Customers are responsible for the providing proper transportation containers during adverse weather.
-Fern's Frogs is proud of a 100% spotless record since 2010. However, any demise of a newly acquired frog must be reported within 12 hours with a photo. 
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By Appointment Only:
7 Days a Week  ~   10am - 3pm


poison dart frogs bred by Fern's Frogs
Fern's Frogs Oophaga pumilio
O pumilio breeders at Fern's Frogs
Oophaga pumilio bred at Fern's Frogs
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