Fern's Frogs

Moss Starters

 "Moss Starters" are varied combinations of well established mosses, liverworts, marcgravia, small marginals and 'volunteers', well suited for the dart frog enclosure.  All Moss Starters are started with Fern's Frogs 'Graffiti' Moss Mix. Price is $25- available at shows or during 'purchase visit'. No two are alike. These can not be mailed..... several attempts have proven to be a disaster.

As well, $45 containers of marcgravia only containing a minimum of 12 well established cuttings are also available.

All grown and displayed in 8" x 8" x 3" bakery containers established with ABG. A wide variety additional potted plants suitable for dart frogs enclosures are also available for purchase during an appointment

vivarium moss
tropical moss
moss for dart frogs
tropical moss
tropical plants
tropical moss
Tropical Moss
tropical moss