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Fern's Frogs
Moss Starters
Marcgravia Starters
Mixed sp. Specials 

"Moss Starters" - Varied combinations of well established mosses, liverworts, marcgravia, small marginals and 'volunteers', well suited for the dart frog enclosure. All Moss Starters are started with Fern's Frogs 'Graffiti' Moss Mix. $25.00

"Marcgravia Starters" - Marcgravia sp only. Containing a minimum of 12 well established cuttings. $45.00
"Mixed Species Specials" - Contain several small well established desirable terrarium plants. $60.00

All prepared in 8" x 8" x 3" bakery containers established on ABG. 
Always available at expos or during 'purchase visit'. No two are alike.
These can not be mailed..... several attempts have proven to be a disaster.

vivarium moss
moss for dart frogs
tropical moss
tropical plants
Tropical Moss
tropical moss
tropical moss
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