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Business References 

For customers planning to make a poison dart frog purchase, please feel free to use the reference list and contacts below to obtain information regarding my husbandry skills, reputation as a poison dart frog breeder since 2010, or personal/character reference. 
Clare, John  
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) & Founder at

Dema, Paul
Owner  - 'Vivariums in the Mist'

Gargantiel, Erick

Goldberg, Troy
Knox, Marc

Krishna, Sai
Paganas, John
Rama, Damian

Rodriquez, Julio

Sherman, Chris

Owner -  'Sherman Tanks' 

Stutchman, Travis
Owner -  'TCS Dart Frogs'

Wallitis, Mike
Owner - 'Black Jungle Exotics'

Weindorf, Heather
Yates, Josh
Owner - 'Frog and Frond'

I feel fortunate to have met so many great customers, respected hobbyists, and distinguished business owners over the years. I am grateful to countless highly respected breeders.

If you are unable to reach a reference with the contact information provided above, please let me know. I will be more than happy to assist. Personal email and phone numbers have been omitted intentionally .

Thank You

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