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Business References 

Fern's Frogs has been a poison dart frog breeder since 2010.
Please feel free to use the reference list and contacts below to obtain information regarding Fern's Frogs. Feel free to discuss the most important topics when planning dart frog purchase such as a breeder's husbandry skills, reputation in the community, and personal qualities and character.
Clare, John  
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) & Founder at

Dema, Paul
Owner  - 'Vivariums in the Mist'

Gargantiel, Erick

Goldberg, Troy
Knox, Marc

Krishna, Sai
Paganas, John
Rama, Damian

Rodriquez, Julio

Sherman, Chris

Owner -  'Sherman Tanks' 

Stutchman, Travis
Owner -  'TCS Dart Frogs'

Wallitis, Mike
Owner - 'Black Jungle Exotics'

Weindorf, Heather
Yates, Josh
Owner - 'Frog and Frond'

I feel fortunate to have met so many great customers, respected hobbyists, and distinguished business owners over the years. I am grateful to countless highly respected breeders.

If you are unable to reach a reference with the contact information provided above, please let me know. I will be more than happy to assist. Personal email and phone numbers have been omitted intentionally .

Thank You

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