Fern's Frogs

Fern's Frogs "Graffiti" Moss Mix is a handmade, proprietary, secrete blend, of finely grated moss containing
moss spores that can be dusted without creating a slurry. 

It does not contain sphagnum moss. It should be lightly dusted on to the vivarium background, wood, or substrate. It requires patience, good lighting, high humidity, and constant moisture using distilled or RO water. 

$20 per bag ~ info@fernsfrogs.com for any additional questions. Available at shows or during a 'purchase visit' 
To purchase: $29.45 via paypal -
"Graffiti" $20 /bag plus $9.45 shipping via USPS priority mail (small box) 
paypal: flybyferns@yahoo.com 


Fern's Frogs 'Graffiti' Moss Mix