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Poison Dart Frog Breeding 

      Fern’s Frogs is a small business located in Huntington, NY since 2010, maintaining a well established collection of poison dart frogs specializing in breeding their offspring.

     Naturally, all dart frogs offered for sale are healthy and expertly cared for. We are committed to their care and proper husbandry. At no time is the care of our dart frogs jeopardized because of a dependency
or need for 
quantity. We do not sell wholesaleEvery dart frog bred at Fern's Frogs is given a  UUID.  As of March of 2022, our FootPrints Lineage Program data kept on MS Excel spreadsheets to generate UUID numbers,is well passed line #2000. 

     About our photos found on Fern's Frogs: ALL photos are of either breeders or offspring. All photos are taken by Fern's Frogs. All offspring is bred by the sole owner of Fern's Frogs in a controlled and safe environment to maintain proper husbandry. Fern's Frogs does not purchase or re-sell offspring bred by other individuals.

     Occasionally, an expert guest breeder will accompany Fern's Frogs at an expo with offspring of which will be clearly identified. 

     Depending on the species , froglets are raised in smaller, planted or modified planted, grow-out environments for 3-8 months. there, they are provided a rotation of only the finest nutritional supplements and a variety of feeders to ensure the best possible adjustment period when changing hands. The sale of offspring is taken very seriously; Fern's Frogs reserves the right to deny a dart frog sale. 

     We routinely have a varied selection of captive bred offspring for sale throughout the year. Dart frogs are available for purchase during a visit to Fern's Frogs or at a NY Metro area expo. Please feel free to ask for references. We encourage asking for as much information as possible prior to the purchase of any dart frog. We enjoy the preparation of photographs of offspring prior to a sale. Detailed information regarding lineage is always available. Appointments are available 7 days a week for a buyers convivence. Pride is taken to guide a buyer of every skill level. There are many wonderful people i in our hobby community, well-informed breeders, and an unlimited amount of resources to take advantage of. Please don't hesitate to ask for advice. Please check all references and resources for credibility.
     Keeping dart frogs is a gratifying hobby. We believe choosing a frog in person adds joy to this rewarding experience. We do not ship our dart frogs. There are no plans to change this policy. Offspring are offered for sale during a scheduled 'purchase visit'  and at expos. The show schedule can be found here

     July 2022 ~ Beware of scammers attempting to sell
captive bred dart frogs using stolen photos from other breeders. Sadly, these individuals have stolen a significant number of photos and are targeting first time buyers. Ask for reference! Fern's Frogs references are found here.

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                             All photos are property of Fern's Frogs
                                             Please ask to share
                           Uphold respect and moral responsibility

                      Contact for permission: info@fernsfrogs.com 

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Fern's Frogs is Devoted to Proper Husbandry

Oophaga pumilio bastimentos Gold Dust
Oophaga pumilio skpotted "El Dorado"
Oophaga histrionica "Blue"
2nd pata 4 months old.jpg