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Fern’s Frogs is a small business located in Huntington, NY maintaining a large collection of dart frogs and specializing in their captive bred offspring. Dart Frogs are also known as poison arrow frogs. These are the common names of a group of frogs in the family Dendrobatidae which are native to tropical Central and South America. These species are diurnal and are typically brightly colored. 


Naturally, all dart frogs offered for sale are healthy and expertly cared for. We are committed to their care and proper husbandry. Depending on the species , froglets have been raised in a smaller, planted or modified planted, grow-out environments similar to a permanent enclosure for 3-6 months and available only when ready to change hands. Here, they are provided only the best nutritional supplements. In smaller planted enclosures offspring develop their hunting skills and find their food easily to ensure the best possible adjustment period. Fern's Frogs does not sell dart frogs or tadpoles raised by other breeders.

We routinely have a varied selection of captive bred offspring for sale throughout the year. Please feel free to ask for references. We encourage asking for as much information as possible prior to the purchase of any dart frog. We enjoy the preparation of private photographs of offspring prior to a sale. Information regarding lineage is always available.  


Species such as Dendrobates leucomelas are very entertaining. Many dart frog species are highly intelligent and hardy. Dendrobates tinctorius, for example, will know you are in the area of their enclosure, will come to a door for food, and may even recognize your voice. Ranitomeya and Oophaga pumilio species are equally as rewarding to keep. Some species are more difficult to keep and will require additional experience. There are many wonderful people in the hobby, well-informed breeders, and an unlimited amount of resources to take advantage of.


Keeping dart frogs is a gratifying hobby. We believe choosing a frog in person adds joy to this rewarding experience. We do not ship our dart frogs; we offer them for sale during a scheduled 'purchase visit'  and at shows.

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