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Updated May 22, 2022

Poison Dart Frog Breeding 

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Every effort is made to keep waiting lists for poison dart frogs in grow out, especially for large obligates. This "What's on Deck" list is updated daily along with the "Availability List". There is, of course, no obligation at the time of an offer is made. First on a list simply means you have a first refusal.
Fern's Frogs does NOT take deposits.

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Oophaga sylvatica  'Diablo ' breeding at Fern's Frogs .jpg
Oophaga sylvatica  'Diablo ' breeding at Fern's Frogs.jpg

Please Check Back Often --There's Something for Everyone
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All frogs on "Availability List" are bred and raised by Fern’s Frogs 


What's on Deck

Oophaga histrionica "Blue"
Oophaga histrionica "Redhead"
Oophaga sylvatica "Pata Blanca"
Oophaga sylvatica "Paru"
Oophaga sylvatica "Diablo"

Oophaga pumilio "El Dorado" ( spotted 2008 sndf ) highly reticulated
Oophaga pumilio "Mimitimbi"
Oophaga pumilio "El Dorado" (later SR very fine spotting/peach >red)

Ranitomeya sirensis "Lower Ucayali" ( green leg ) 
Ranitomeya imitator "Varadero"

D leucomelas 
D tinctorius "Green Sipaliwini"
D tinctorius "Dwarf Cobolt"
D tinctorius "Powder Blue"

P terribilis "Mint" - at or reaching breeding age
P terribilis "Orange" - at or reaching breeding age
P terribilis "Uraba" - at or reaching breeding age