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Fern's Frogs
Availability List

Poison Dart Frog Breeding Since 2010

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currently available frogs available  

Updated February 7, 2023

Oophaga histrionica Redhead at Fern's Frogs .jpg

Something for Everyone
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"What's on Deck" ~ Dart Frog Offspring Waiting List 
All frogs on "Availability List" are bred and raised by Fern’s Frogs 
(there are occasional fosters in the frog lab or a guest at a show)

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OOphaga pumilio "Black Jeans"
Dendrobates leucomelas
Phyllobates terribilis "Orange"

Stay Tuned 

Reopening Soon ~ Click To Watch News 12 ! 
ReptileExpo **WHITE PLAINS, NY**
2023 Show Dates To Be Announced

Fern's Frogs proudly sponsors 
American Frog Day
2023 Show Date and Location To Be Announced

Capital District Reptile Expo

Sunday, May 7, 2023  
Sunday, September 17, 2023

Albany Capital Center
MVP Arena at
55 Eagle St, Albany NY 12207




1)  Sunday, March 12, 2023

2)  Sunday, October 1, 2023
Suffolk Community College 
Suffolk Federal Credit Union Arena
485 Wicks Rd. Brentwood, NY 11717

Mid-Hudson Reptile Expo
Sunday, March 26, 2023
Mid-Hudson Civic Center Inc.

14 Civic Center Plaza, Poughkeepsie, NY 12601

Nassau Reptile Expo
SATURDAY, June 24th, 2023
Global Sports Center

 1 Charles Lindbergh Blvd 
Garden City, NY 11530


Show Schedule 

Updated February 7, 2023
 Fern's Frogs does NOT ship offspring - In Person Sales ONLY (Expos and Private Sales)
Appointments available ~ 7 days a week

Can Meet
Northeastern Queens/Nassau border 20 minutes from the
Throgs Neck Bridge; few miles north of LIE - along Rt 25A

Ferry Service from the northeast to LI:

Contact Form:


 Listed Below CURRENTLY AVAILABLE - Updated Daily

*When offered, offspring "not bred" by Fern's Frogs are bred by  2 or 3 highly respected breeders - feel free to ask any questions 
Oophaga pumilio “Rambala” - proven trio (1.1.1) - $340/3
Ranitomeya vanzolinii proven - group of 4 (1.1.2) - $310/4
Oophaga pumilio- Bastimentos - pair - $320/2 
Oophaga pumilio Bastimentos  pair (Gold Dust) $340/2
Oophaga pumilio bastimentos  trio $ 480/3 
Ranitomeya variabilis "Southern" group proven  $385/4
*(not bred by Fern's Frogs) 

Oophaga sylvatica 
Oophaga sylvatica "Diablo" - $550 
Oophaga sylvatica "Paru"  -$325 

Oohpaga histrionica 
Oophaga histrionica "Blue" -$950 
Oophaga histrionica "Redhead" (small form) -$495 

Oophaga pumilio
 Oophaga pumilio Bastimentos - $150

 Oophaga pumilio Bastimentos (Gold Dust) -$160
Oophaga pumilio “Rambala”- $90 
(price  ~ while stock is plentiful)
Oophaga pumilio "El Dorado" -$160 (very fine spotting/peach > dark orange)
( not 2008 sndf spotted )
Oophaga pumilio "Mimitimbi" - $170
Oophaga pumilio ( 2008 sndf ) spotted "El Dorado" - $170

Phyllobates terribilis “Mint” - $80

Phyllobates bicolor “Uraba” -$80


Ranitomeya vanzolinii - $70

Ranitomeya sirensis (green leg) "Lower Ucayali" -$80
Ranitomeya imitator "Varadero" -$85
*Ranitomeya Variabilis "Southern" - $85 *(not bred by Fern's Frogs) 
*Ranitomeya benedicta "Shucushuyacu"  -$90 *(not bred by Fern's Frogs) 

Dendrobates leucomelas ( standard morph )British Guiana- $50
Demdrobtes tinctorius "Powder Blue" -$50

TADPOLES ( Availability Changes Quickly) 
P terribilis "Mint" 
D tinctorius "Powder Blue" 
D tinctorius "Azureus" 

D tinctorius "Dwarf Cobalt" French Guiana 
D leucomelas Bridish Guyana ( standard morph ) 

Ranitomeya vanzoninii 
Ranitomeya variabilis "Southern"

'Graffiti' Moss Mix $20.00 / bag (no sphagnum moss)

'Moss Starters' (started with Graffiti Moss Mix) 8" X 8" container-well established on ABG
'Marcgravia sp. Starters' 8" X 8" container-MANY well established cuttings on ABG

'Mixed Species Specials' 8" X 8" several well established cuttings on ABG

Payment methods - credit cards, cash, PayPal

What's on Deck and Waiting Lists 

Fern’s Frogs tracks of every dart frog that changes hands
A UUID number is issued for each frog that is bred by Fern’s Frogs
Each card contains information such as lineage, line, oow date, and sex if confirmed

Oophaga hisrionica "Redhead" for sale at Fern's Frogs.jpg
P terribilis "Mint" for sale at Fern's Frogs .jpg
R vanzolinii fro sale at Ferns Frogs .jpg
phyllobates terribilis mint at ferns frogs.jpg
O pumilio Gold Dust Bastimentos for sale at Fern's Frogs.jpg
o pumilio basti gold dust for sale at Fern's Frogs.jpg
Oophaga lpumilio "Mimbitimbi" for sale at Fern's Frogs .jpg
Logo Fern's Frogs.jpg
Oophaga pumilio _Rambala_ - Fern's Frogs .jpg
oophaga sylvatica "Diablo" breeding at Fern's Frogs..png
Oophaga pumilio breeding at Fern's Frogs.png
Oophaga pumilio "El Dorado" at Fern's Frogs.jpg
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