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Fern's Frogs

Captive Bred Dart Frogs

Breeding Poison Dart Frogs
 Devoted to Proper Husbandry

Our dart frogs are born right here in Huntington, New York.

Naturally, all dart frogs offered for sale are healthy and expertly cared for. We are committed to their care and proper husbandry. Depending on the species , froglets have been raised in a smaller, planted or modified planted, grow-out environments similar to a permanent enclosure for 3-6 months and available only when ready to change hands. Here, they are provided only the best nutritional supplements. In smaller planted enclosures offspring develop their hunting skills and find their food easily to ensure the best possible adjustment period. Fern's Frogs does not sell dart frogs or tadpoles 'collected' or raised by others.


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