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Oophaga pumilio "Rio Branco" 

~newly morphed froglet~

Captive Bred Dart Frogs

Fern's Frogs is making announcements a little differently!


There is nothing more precious than a newly morphed froglet!


Watch offspring develop !

Enduring images of dart frogs will be shared here.

You may see photos of newly-morphed, nearly ready for sale, sold, 

and currently available juveniles and sub-adults. 

 ~Offspring are photographed as the opportunity becomes available

~Happy to provide photos of any dart frog prior to a purchase

~Every effort is made to identify those dart frogs no longer available


~Oophaga pumilio and Oophaga sylvatica are not available until 6 months or from an estimated longer out-of-water date

~Ranitomeya, Dendrobates tinctorius, and Phyllobates terribilis are not available until 3 months or longer out-of-water

~Tranisitioning their care is more successful if not purchased /sold too young

~They will thrive with good husbandry and proper feeding


Find the 'Availability List' including pricing here and  pinned to the top of Fern's Frogs facebook page.

  Contact us here or via email.
Thank You

Actual offspring photos are always available upon request
 'Availability List' 
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Oophaga pumilio "Black Jeans"

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Phyllobates terribilis "Mint"

Photos posted 7/30/2016 

Oophaga pumilio "Rio Colubre"

Photos posted 7/30/2016- Sold

oow ~ early June 2016

Oophaga pumilio " Mimbitimbi"

Photos posted 7/30/2016 

oow ~ early June 2016


Photos posted Aug 2016

Photos posted Dec 2016

Oophaga pumilio "Rio Branco"

 Photos posted 8/2016

Photos posted 8/20/2016


Photos posted Nov 2016


Photos posted Dec 2016


Dendrobates tinctorius "Powder Blue"

 Photos posted    7/30/20163

Photos posted  9/5/2016

Dendrobates tinctorius "Green Sipaliwini"

Photos posted  8/12/2016


Photos posted  9/5/2016  


Photo posted  12/13/2016  


Ranitomeya imitator "Varadero"

        Photos posted 9/5/2016


      Photso posed 9/2016


Ranitomeya varibilis "Southern"

 Photos posted 9/2016

 Photos posted Nov 2016

Dendrobates leucomelas  - standard morph 

Oophaga "Vicentei" ( Blue) 

Dendrobates tinctorius "New River

Dendrobates auratus "Green Black"

Oophaga pumilio "Red Frog Beach"

Oophaga pslyvatica "Paru""

Oophaga pumilio "Bastimentos"

Oophaga histrionica 'Redhead' 

Phyllobates bicolor (Green Leg) 

Ranitomeya sirensis "Lower Ucayali"

Oophaga pumilio "Isla Popa"

Oophaga pumilio "Valle del Rey"

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