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Can I visit Fern’s Frogs?

Like many breeders, Fern’s Frogs is a small business and unable to accommodate visitors or schedule appointments at our current location. If you are local or willing to travel nearby we will be happy to meet you as we do not ship our frogs. We are happy to schedule a convenient meeting time and location. Check the News and Events page for upcoming show information.


What frog species is a good choice for a beginner?

Caring for most dart frogs is not difficult as long as you are prepared to provide proper husbandry. More delicate species will need additional experience. Fern’s Frogs breeds something for everyone. There are hundreds of great resources to get you started. If you are local, we are happy to recommend a showroom, website, or show where all necessary supplies would be available.


What size enclosure do my frogs need?

The common rule of thumb is 5 gallons of floor space per frog. Yes, even small frogs such as thumbnails and small Oophaga pumilio species require adequate space..


Do you sell sexed frogs?

Sometimes. Most of our dart frogs are not sold until at least 3 months of age. Oophaga pumilio species are not sold until at least 6 months of age or older. Often, Oophaga are held long enough to witness a presumed male calling, as this species does best housed in pairs. Therefore, the answer is generally 'no'. Sometimes I can make a good guess but not a guarantee. Some frogs are held from one show to another. Therefore, sexed animals or pairs do occur at times; adjustment in price will be noted on the "Availability List” price list. 

How do I sex a dart frog? 
Keep it simple glossary:

Proven female: produced eggs
Proven male: calling
Probable male or female: a 'good guess' ( Fern's Frogs does not sell frogs labeled 'probable' ) 
Proven pair: has produced and fertilized eggs 


Can I mix different species in the same enclosure?

No. Keeping two species or morphs together is not recommended. A mixed enclosed environment is not recommended. This typically ends with a frog that is stressed, fails to thrive, and prone to illness.  


Do I have to pay NYS sales tax?

Our dart frogs are only sold in New York. Yes, you pay NYS sales tax.